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Wildlife Memory Game

Has the animal names written on the card: so you’ll be able to identify a wild dog, a hyena, a cheetah, a leopard and a lilac-breasted roller from now on. Plus 19 other species!
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A matching cards game that signifies classic fun and provides a stunning overview of Africa’s most famous wildlife. For those who are not an expert in differentiating a springbok from an oryx or a cheetah from a leapard: we have put the species on the cards so you can try to memorise those too! Also great for young readers as all the letters are in lowercase.

Yes, that includes those Big Five: a leopard, a rhino, a lion, a buffalo and an elephant. An awesome game for all ages and an easy compact souvenir for any visitor to our beautiful continent.

Game rules:

Set up: Mix the cards face down.

Gameplay: On each turn, a player turns over two cards (one at a time). When the cards match he keeps them and gets another turn. When the cards do not match, they are turned face down again and it is the next player’s turn. The player with most matching pairs wins.