Europa Degustation Spoon Rest

Made in South Africa
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Stunning EUROPA DEGUSTATION SPOON REST with Porcupine or Elephant, Warthog & Guinea Fowl detail, fired in a Kiln so design will last forever.

Product features

The products are designed to perform in a busy catering environment and the alumina in the vitrified clay body gives maximum strength.

The vitrified clay body is fired at 1200° C, which ensures that the products do not absorb moisture and are more hygienic. The fully glazed base prevents the absorption of water and other materials.

The reinforced rolled edge ensures that the products are edge-chip resistant which improves durability.

The products are designed to maximise space-saving in a commercial kitchen environment. The fully glazed base minimises contact, thereby preventing damage when stacking.

The products can withstand temperature fluctuations of up to 160° C, which ensures that piping hot main courses and ice chilled desserts can be served as required.

The high thermal shock resistance ensures that the products can withstand at least 5000 dishwasher cycles. All items are designed to fit easily into the dishwasher.

The specially formulated glaze enhances the product performance, improving stain and metal mark resistance and durability. The durable glaze prevents thermal shock and crazing.

The thermal properties ensure that the products are microwave and oven safe, and can withstand extremes in temperatures. 

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