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Woven Open Bowl Giant

Zulu woven basket
Sales price R 415,00
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Bowl 38cm
bowl 40cm
bowl 24cm
Bowl 26cm
Bowl 27cm
Bowl 32cm
bowl 35cm

Price is for one basket

Approximate sizes vary, this basket is 36cm to 38cm

An African Zulu grass woven open bowl that is known by the Zulu people as Isiquabetho baskets.

The Isiquabetho basket/bowl is a large basin-shaped basket, traditionally used for gathering and carrying grain.

The patterns on the Zulu grass Igoma open bowls symbolize different things. Triangle for Masculine. Diamond for Feminine. Double triangle forming hour glass shape for married man. Double diamond for Married woman and many other patterns represent the Zulu tribe.

It can take more than 1 month to make a medium size basket that will be unique in size, pattern,shape, weave an colour.

Designs may differ from the picture as each item is an individual work of art.