Malawi Chair Stained

Malawi Chair
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Malawi Chairs are handmade using rattan strips, which are woven into intricate patterns along the sides of the chairs and the seat. Rather than using glue, makers secure the strips with special knots. To create a curved barrel back, they temporarily insert spare parts from cars and bicycles that guide them as they work. Each chair is unique, which adds to their desirability. Designed for comfort, dress with stylish cushions and a throw for a modern tribal aesthetic.

Malawi Chair is handcrafted in Malawi from Cane and Water Reeds
Durable – won’t crack from heat or humidity or warp
Suitable for covered outdoor areas only away from all weather and moist environments

Measurements may vary slightly
Depth 60cm
Width 75cm
Height 85cm
Floor to the seat height where someone sits is roughly 43cm.
Weight 7kg

Sizes are a guide and do vary as this is a handmade item.

Accessories not included.

Price is for one item

3 - 5 Days