Mudcloth Cushion Cover 50 x 52 Approximate

Authentic mudcloth fabric from Mali
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Mud cloth cushion cover does not include an inner, cover only.

Mud Cloth is a handcrafted Malian fabric, made from cotton and dyed with a fermented mud slurry.

Men start the process by hand-weaving cotton thread onto a loom. Before being added to the dye, the cloth (made from locally grown cotton) is stitched together and prepared in the same manner as tie-dye, through stitching, tying or covering sections of the cloth to create the desired pattern. The cloth is then soaked in the dye, often for a whole day, and then left to dry in the sun. The stitching and tying is then removed to reveal the striking blue and white designs recognised around the world. The process of preparing and dyeing the cloth has traditionally been the domain of women in Mali and this is still very much the case today.

The making of Mud Cloth is a time-consuming process, taking between a week to 3 weeks to complete depending on the weather.

No two pieces of Mud Cloth are the same.

Our mudcloth has been prewashed and stitching reinforced, our cushions have a zip opening on the side so inserts can be removed for easy washing.

Handmade in Mali

Approximate size 50cm x 52cm

Price is for one cushion cover in white of black

3 - 5 Days