Tonga Nongo Beaded Basket

Handmade basket
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Nongo basket is made in Zimbabwe and beading is done in South Africa with glass beads, this process takes about 5 days to complete.

Dimensions 34cm to 38cm

Size is measured from top rim, over bulge of gourd to centre of base.  Gourd shape and pattern varies and is unique to each basket.

The botanical material used is not endangered and encourage weavers to practice sustainable harvesting methods.  The main plants used for these baskets are cyperus textilis, a river reed known in South Africa as imizi, and hyphanae petersiana and hyphanae coriacea – two variants of the palm known as ilala.  All are endemic and not vulnerable.

The handmade element is evident and no two baskets are alike.

Price is for one basket.

Shapes, sizes and designs will vary.


5 - 7 Days