Wish Bracelet Anklet Alles sal Okay wees

Made in South Africa
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Handmade card with saying.

You will receive 1 card, envelope and bracelet.

This wish bracelet is perfect as a little gift on its own, this little wish bracelet can also be added into a card or attached as a card on a present.

The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish as you tie it on your wrist. In time, the cord wears out and your wish comes true! This bracelet is meant to be tied on and has no closure.

Each bracelet includes either rainbow of discs and a charm or just a charm in stainless steel in silver colour and is made from quality coloured 1mm waxed cord in a variety of colours.

The bracelet is mounted on recycled card, and wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve.

Price is for one item.