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Safari Hydra

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Ovid and Plato were among the many writers to record tales of the ferocious Hydra. The swamp dweller came from a family of monsters, including its brother Cerberus and sister Chimera. Hera, who despised the hero Hercules, raised the monster to attack and destroy the famous hero. Along with appearing in many stories, the Hydra is depicted in countless ancient artworks, always with numerous writhing heads. Like many monsters, it found a place in the skies when its rampaging days were over, and the constellation Hydra is the largest of all 88 constellations.


Fresh from his defeat of the Nemian Lion, Hercules sloshed through a verdant swamp in search of his second challenge: the Hydra. The beast, he knew, had several heads, each filled with razor-sharp teeth. Spying a lair ahead, Hercules stopped suddenly, raising his bow. With flaming arrows, he smoked the Hydra from its home and the battle began. Hercules’ sword flashed as he smote one head of the beastly Hydra. His eyes grew wide when two more heads suddenly appeared to take its place. Cutting and slashing, Hercules furiously battled the Hydra, only gaining ground because his chariot driver prevented new heads from growing. Finally, with a golden sword gifted to him by Athena, mighty Hercules defeated the monstrous Hydra and completed his second labor.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 20 L x 18 W x 10 H