Bath Sprudels Six Pack

Bath Sprudels Six Pack
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Each Sprudel comprises a ball shape – diameter 45mm. It is a bath toy for children 3 years and above. They come in assorted purple, pink, green, orange, yellow and blue colors. The sponge toys can be saved and collected for repeat bath fun. Ingredients are Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, Perfume and food grade colorants.

Triangular boxes each containing 6 different coloured Bath Sprudels. The box contains graphics and descriptive wording. Each Sprudel releases a fragrance, and colours the bath water. Inside the Sprudel is a chunky sponge toy character, which is released as the Sprudel fizzes and dissolves.
Product Dimensions: Triangular box: 185 mm, height: 165 mm, thickness: 47mm. Weight of single six pack: 326g.

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