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Amazing Crackers Boxed 5's Rose

Handmade crackers
Sales price R 370,00
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Amazing Crackers One
Surprise Gift
Amazing Crackers Two
Surprise Gift
Amazing Crackers Three
Surprise Gift
Amazing Crackers Four
Surprise Gift
Amazing Crackers Five
Surprise Gift
Coloured Cracker
Coloured Cracker1
Coloured Box1
Coloured Cracker7
Wisdom included
Amazing Gifts

These are standard size crackers. Each cracker measures approximately 30cm long by 6cm Diameter; Middle Barrel is 12cm long.

5 Handmade Rose crackers.

Gifts may vary from the photo shown.

All good quality family gifts.

Choose the gifts you want from the drop down box.

Designs, ribbons, decals may vary from the picture.

Contents: Snap, Hat, Proverb & Gift.


3 - 5 Days